What’s it all about?

When I was a kid, I had a taste for the inappropriate. I read Judy Blume's "Wifey" when I was way too young. Of course all the great sex parts were dog eared and I ended up with a mental vocabulary far beyond my years. While other kids were excited

Calories, Fat, and Sugar! Oh, My!

The other day I received an email from a customer who was surprised at the amount of calories in one of our bars. She was upset because the bars are higher in calories than some of the commercial ones that are currently on the market. At first, I was upset.

Growing Pains

Every morning I look at my daughter and I see something new in her that I hadn't noticed the night before. She's eleven now and growing into this really interesting person with a mind that is quick, a sense of humor that is mildly twisted, and a passion for living

Blessings Abound

Today I've been in one of those funks that wraps around me like a coat that is hard to take off. I've turned off the TV and closed my ears to the news reports of the shootings this morning to allow my heart to rest. I've hugged my daughter at


I read a lot of labels. Labels for everything that I buy for my daughter. Labels for everything that I put on our bodies. Labels on clothes, products, and furniture. The labels for the ingredients that I put in the bars is always read with my glasses fully on.This morning

I have nuts in my freezer.

I have a ton of cold, delicious nuts stuck in various crevices within my freezer. They are neslted among frozen asparagus from Trader Joe's, bags of basil saved from the summer, and the not-so-healthy soy chicken nuggets my daughter loves. From Brazil nuts to chipotle-maple baked almonds, I have an odd

I Just Can’t Get Enough

This is one of those songs that totally takes me back to Columbus, Ohio when all of those British pop bands of the 80s were really coming on the scene. My youth was totally awkward. That's a total understatement. It was HELL! In middle school/junior high, Christina Anderews and Lisa

I love how little snippets of genius can come from songs, words of a child, and brilliant monologues from my favorite misogynist, Don Draper. The first time I saw this scene (at the kitchen at 3:29 in the morning via my iPhone), I heard the words and something about them resonated with